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My astrology adventure began in 1970 when I started taking astrology classes at the Metaphysical Center at 420 Sutter Street in San Francisco. Shirley Dicker and Macelle Brown were my team teachers of this celestial science. The center is gone, now it's an art gallery, but the positive memories from all the classes remain.

Upon completion of my course studies, I in turn taught beginner's astrology classes, and that's when I really learned astrology! The students became my teachers through the questions they asked in class. It's true: you really learn a subject only after you teach it.

To complement my studies, my own personal astrology chart has the planet Uranus positioned in my horoscope's first house. Uranus rules astrology and the first house represents the person of the chart. Thus this combination is an indicator that I was born to be an astrologer. My ability to study astrology and interpret horoscopes all came to me easily and naturally. Nevertheless, even today it amazes me that I'm still learning about this ever-expanding science. That's the fun of astrology; new tidbits of astrological information just keep popping up!

View of Sedona Arizona in the snow   View of Sedona Arizona in the snow
Rita Pushpa


Sedona is nestled in a valley of red rocks on an Arizona desert plane. This mystical land is famous for its vortex energy and power spots.

It never occurred to me that I would ever live in Sedona. I assumed I would live in San Francisco -- the city of my birth -- all my life. But, in 1986, I visited enchanting Sedona for the first time. My love for Sedona's red rocks was instantaneous. San Francisco is beautiful architecturally; Sedona has a natural beauty.

I moved to Sedona in late 1986 and soon incorporated knowledge learned here into my chart readings. For example, the planet Pluto has an important influence in Sedona. In 1930, Pluto was discovered at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, a city twenty miles north of Sedona. The power of Pluto was "anchored" on Earth through the Flagstaff/Sedona area. Actually, Pluto was supposed to have been discovered in Sedona, unfortunately an observatory doesn't exist here. Flagstaff was close enough. Pluto's message in a person's horoscope is what brings about life changes and regeneration. I discuss this in my chart readings. Pluto helps us improve life situations and make interaction with the outside world easier. Complementing Pluto is a phenomenon here in Sedona called a "vortex".


Richard Dannelley, in his book Sedona Power Spots, Vortex, and Medicine Wheel Guide, shares the following information:

"Simply stated the Sedona vortices are places where the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth is strong. The geology of the Sedona area has produced rock formations that act as focal points for electromagnetic Earth energies. These focal points are what we call vortices."

Mr. Dannelley goes on to say:

"The energies of the magnetic vortices are subtle, having more effect upon the spirit level of existence and the inner levels of the mind than upon the physical body."

Many times, visitors to Sedona have commented to me: "Something is going on here, but I'm not quite sure what it is!". What they are experiencing are changes in higher levels of their being with the help of vortices.

I have noticed my horoscope interpretations have achieved a greater depth thanks in part to the input from both Pluto and the vortices.

You are welcome to enjoy a horoscope reading from this magical land. On my home page are links to descriptions of the various Sedona chart services I offer.

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View of Sedona, Arizona
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