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The Planetary Advice Chart

Planetary Nebula NGC 6751, NASA/Hubble Telescope

This specialized reading focuses only on the interpretation of advice given to you from the Planets found in your Horoscope.

The NASA Planetary Nebula photo shown here visually depicts you at the center. Surrounding you is an outer circle that represents advice available for your guidance. It's like a support system of information ready for input to use.


This interpretation seeks out significant planetary information found in your Horoscope.  I look for energy patterns that catch my attention.  Planetary advice that literally "jumps up" off the chart page to catch my eye.  These important energies speak with planetary counsel that can guide you on a daily basis.  Advice comes in two forms:  External Advice and Internal Advice.

External Advice versus Internal Advice - which best serves you?

  • External Advice:
    During different stages in life, we received advice from those surrounding us - family members, friends, work supervisors, spiritual teachers, life mentors.  Actually, just about everyone gives us counsel.  All these people are well meaning.  But you have to take into consideration that it's their advice. It's not yours.  Their recommendations might work for them but not necessarily for you.  Also, their opinions might not be best suited for you to meet your goals.  Only you can make that final decision.
  • Internal Advice:
    Internal Advice is better suited for you because it comes from within yourself.  The advice found in your Chart is the best advice to follow.  You are one with your Astrology Chart.  You are your Chart; your Chart is you.  The Planetary Advice Chart reading spotlights exclusively on the advice given to you from the Planets in your Chart.  They speak with wisdom.  And better still, they have your best interests in mind.  Your chart reading concentrates only on what your Planets have to say to you.

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It is recommended you order the Planetary Advice Chart first as a starter. Then, when you are ready, order the total indepth, detailed Birth Chart Horoscope reading offered on the Home Page.

Note: Your time of birth is required to cast a Planetary Advice Chart. If your birth certificate does not list a birth time, you can order a Points-of-Power Numerology Chart as a substitute. A birth time is not required to create a numerology chart. The personal information presented in the Points-of-Power Chart offers both beneficial and practical life counsel.

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