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Image representing points-of-power numerology charts from Sedona Readings

This numerology reading is filled with information that you can immediately start using to positively enhance your daily life. The chart complements the more detailed and in-depth readings available at this web site. Explained are the four numbers that make up your birth date. Your 4 Points-Of-Power Numbers are your Month Number, Day Number, Year Number and Total Number. To get your Total Number, add your month, day and year numbers together.

Why are these numbers in your birth date so important? Because it is your birth date that is used to cast your birth horoscope. Your horoscope is a complex presentation of a multitude of facts that describes your personality makeup, your directional course in life, and when you can expect experiences to take place at certain times in your life. If all this wealth of information comes from your birth date, then if we pull back and look at just your birth date numbers, we are describing your "essence" -- your 4 Points-of-Power.

I discuss the four energy points of your birth date numbers and explain how these energies affect your physical body, your emotion body, your mental body and your creative body. Each is defined.

On the date we are born, we are dealt four birth numbers. Much like being dealt 4 cards in a card game, but in this case it's the card game of life. These 4 cards are the hand we play with throughout life. Use the 4 numbers of your birth date to work for you.

Items covered:

  • A description of your physical, emotional, mental and creative bodies.
  • A brief delineation of your childhood years, teenage years, adult years and middle age and older.
  • What astrological signs associated with your birth date numbers complement your birth sign.
  • Which of the 4 Seasons is best suited for you. What time of the year do you function best. When your energy is at optimum level.
  • Pin Number: how to choose the right 4 digit bank pin number that works for you and not against you in banking transactions. What your bank doesn't want you to know about your current bank pin number.


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