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Soulmate charting by Richard-Michael at Sedona Readings
Now there is a new and a simplified way to quickly locate your soulmate. It's a Soulmate Chart -- a chart that shows the connections you share with your soulmate. Setting up your Soulmate Chart is easy. You start by choosing a person who is a part of your life, who you feel could be a soulmate. This person can be anyone you know: a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife, a close relative, an intimate friend, or a loved-one who is extra special to you. All that is required to cast a Soulmate Chart is your birth date and the birth date of the person of your choice (just the day, month, and year of birth is needed).

Your Soulmate chart will tell you:

  • If this person is your soulmate
  • What this person's personality is like
  • In what areas of life the two of you are compatible -- where you get along
  • Where in your daily activities there are challenges or conflicts
  • If you were physically blood-related in a past life
  • If you were married or lovers in a past incarnation
  • If you studied together in a past life and what the type of study was: such as military, scientific, religious, spiritual, etc.
  • What your creative talents are and how you can develop them together in this lifetime


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