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(Recommended for persons seeking a natal reading but lacking an exact time of birth)

Milky-way image representing Vortex numerology chart
All that is needed to cast your Vortex Numerology Chart TM is your birth date -- just the month, day, and year. Nothing else.

The Vortex Numerology Chart TM Form used in your reading is designed in the shape of a vortex. The wall of the vortex has three levels that show:

  Your Past Lives     Your Present Life   Your Future Lives
Low Self Middle Self High Self
Subconscious Mind Conscious Mind Superconscious Mind

We will be looking for key numbers and master numbers "hidden" within your date of birth. You will be amazed at how many we will find. Example: for someone born in the 8th month on the 2nd day, we add 8 + 2 = 10. This person then has the key number 10 concealed in his birth date.

Included in your numerology reading are:

Key numbers are:  10    20    30    40    50    60    70    80    90    100

The year 1973 has a key number of 20

How it is found: 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20

Key numbers represent life experiences that follow you and don't go away. You must face up to what they require of you. Instead of avoiding the key number tasks, I explain how to work with your key numbers. Key numbers are experiences that must be worked out in this incarnation. CAUTION: Either you work with your key numbers or they will work with you! It's just a matter of how long you want to continue being kicked around in life.

Master numbers are:     11    22    33    44    55    66    77    88    99

The year 1980 has a master number of 99

How it is found: 19 + 80 = 99

Master numbers show the creative energies that you are allowed to tap and bring into form. It's your choice: you can activate your master numbers or leave them dormant. Creativity is important; it's that part of your personality that communicates your talents to the world. It is a direct expression of the balanced blend of your physical, emotional and mental energies. Master numbers help you unlock the door that allows you entrance into exciting new realms of creative ideas that are ready to be put into action. But each person expresses his or her creativity differently and this uniqueness is revealed through your personal master numbers.

Analysis of your numbers results in a listing of creative fields-of-expertise and creative careers that are best suited for you to pursue and develop. Also shown are places in the United States that would stimulate and enhance your creativity. Your Vortex Numerology Chart TM also shows the dominant energy patterns active during four major time periods of your life.

Your order includes:

  • A hand-cast Vortex Numerology Chart TM
  • Your creative number and total-purpose number
  • A list of creative careers best suited for you
  • A list of present day celebrities who share the same creative wavelength with you
  • A listing of persons from history who traveled the same creative path that you are on today

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